Creating Roles and Groups

As described in Definitions (opens a new article), a Group is a collection of users that can have multiple Roles, while a Role contains a set of access privileges to SchoolMessenger Passport. The Standard version of SchoolMessenger Passport supports pre-defined Roles for Students, Parents, Teachers, and the Administrator. The Premium version of SchoolMessenger Passport allows you to create and define your own Roles.

Creating Roles

To create a Role:

  1. Select Resources to open the Passport Configuration screen.
  1. Click the Add Role button.

    The New Role popup appears.

  1. Enter a unique name for the Role in the Role Name field, and then click OK to close the popup and return to the Passport Configuration screen.

Note: SchoolMessenger includes a built-in Administrator role. A user who is assigned this role will have Administrator privileges for the selected Organization and any sub-Organizations. You can assign multiple Administrators to each Organization. See Managing Administrators (opens a new article).

Creating Groups

To create a Group:

  1. Select Resources to open the Passport Configuration screen.
  1. Click the Add Group button.

    The Groups screen appears.
  1. Add the new Group as described in Adding a Group (opens a new article).